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Resident Evil 5 = Awsome

2010-11-24 10:04:14 by slayerzorz

Yeah so it iz. woot iz awsome go re 5 not go stupid foolz at school. :D

Amazing discovery!!!

2010-11-22 12:56:27 by slayerzorz

Sooo I moved to the strange land of Canada and I met this girl named Jil Valentine! Im not even kidding! She has blonde hair and looks EXACTLY like her video game counter part!!! (Minus the sexy battle suit lol)

Amazing discovery!!!

So, i was in the mysterious land of Canada and i met...JILL VALENTINE! Its true im friend with her, she looks just like her video game counterpart! (with blonde hai) sooo....... BONK!

Gee, I never realised how cool i am.